Worlds away…

Worlds away…but on my heart and mind. I don’t have time for a whole post on what many Eastern European orphans are facing, but I want to post this blog post from a woman’s blog that I follow. Most orphans with disabilities will spend their first few years of life in a “baby house”..sometimes these are decent, sometimes these are awful.  But when they graduate from the baby house, they are put in a mental institution with children ranging from ages 6-18, and some are put in adult mental institutions. And there, if they don’t die at a young age, they will live out their days in a crib, bedridden, or spend all their waking hours in sheds and cages. It’s incomprehensible to me that this is happening…worlds away, but right before our eyes. Another time, I will write how God has broken my heart for them and opened my eyes to a world that I didn’t know existed. But now I know. And I wrestle with how this is happening.  I pray, I cry, I donate, I advocate, and I ask God how He wants me to respond. I love the tangible ways that my friend, Natalie, in the Ukraine, gives for us to love these forgotten ones.  Right now she is raising money to plant 200 apple trees on the land where adult orphans live who have mental disabilities.  They absolutely LOVED the apples she brought to them and that prompted her to have the idea to plant apple trees there so they will always have a supply of them. Such a simple pleasure and something that is so easy for us to give to.  It is only $5-$10 dollars to donate a tree.  You can find a chip-in button to donate on this woman’s blog at   My friend Natalie in Ukraine also blogs at

Apples, something so simple, something we take for granted, but a treasure to these men…and something that we, worlds away, can be a part of.


About glormars

I am mom to four very outgoing boys and married to my best friend, Clive. Our fourth son has Down Syndrome. I am the director of a Pregnancy Support Center here in Taichung, Taiwan.
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