Pregnancy Support Center Update Oct. 2014

Dear friends and supporters,
I am sorry things have been quiet for awhile. I was home in Michigan for the summer and we didn’t have any moms while I was away. While I was gone, Sherry and Xin-May passed out our fliers (beautifully done by a volunteer who was moved by God after hearing us share at a Chinese church) to 120 Ob/Gyn clinics in our city of Taichung.

IMG_3229 IMG_3231

Do not be deceived that because things have been quiet, that the need is not great.  We got a call from a nurse recently about a single mom who had given birth to her premature baby at 7 months and was planning on giving it up for adoption.  I realized at some point during the Chinese conversation that I had missed something. I had to stop the nurse and repeat it more than once to make sure I understood what she was telling me—the mom had wanted an abortion but was too far along when she discovered she was pregnant, so the doctor offered to induce labor at 7 months and just let the baby die.  Yes. I know.  My heart literally hurt.  But praise God–He had another plan for this baby’s life. The nurse is a Christian and she prayed for 4 hours over that baby as it lay there for 4 hours struggling to breathe.  At the end of the 4 hours, the baby stopped breathing. The nurse insisted that they resuscitate the baby, and they did, and the baby survived and is now in the ICU.  Now that the mom has seen her baby, she wants to find a way to keep it and raise it. We are praying that this mom will still agree to meet with us so she can process her emotions and we can help in her plan to raise her baby or give it up for adoption, and we can tell her about God’s great love for her and her child. We also met with a grandmother this week. Her 22 year old single pregnant daughter plans to keep the baby if it’s a boy and abort the baby if it is a girl. She already has a toddler that she is struggling to raise. We are praying she will agree to meet with us this week.  We are also meeting with two single moms who plan to raise their babies but need help.

We have two full-time Taiwanese employees now. Sherry is our executive manager and Xin-May is one of the two planned-for 24/7 live-in counselors for the moms’ home, The Refuge. We hired her in June with the intent for her to move into the home, with a second counselor, when we had a mom come to live there. However, no moms have called about living in the home over the last couple months. Honestly, we aren’t sure how many of the clinics are actually advertising PSC, or telling moms about this option (Sherry and Xin-May will be following up in the clinics).  Abortions are straight cash for doctors in Taiwan because they aren’t covered by insurance.  If they don’t believe the fetus is a life, they don’t have much incentive to offer an alternative to abortion.  When we received the call that the owner of The Refuge was intending to sell the apartment this month, as long as we didn’t currently have any moms living in it, we were definitely perplexed and sad, wondering about God’s timing. But God helped us not to despair, and He gave us hope (2 Corinthians 4:8).  We felt anticipation and excitement about what God was going to do next.  And we have already seen God continue to move in amazing ways.

A woman who heard us share at a Chinese church was considering buying a 7-floor building.  She met with us to tell us that she was praying about giving us the first two floors of the building to use for our counseling center (including paying for all the renovations, and free rent!).  We went and saw the place and it seemed like a great fit. She said she needed a month to work out details and pray.  During that time, she wrestled with the decision to move forward with purchasing the building.  God used I Chronicles 28:20-21 to speak to her and she signed the contract that day. We were all so excited as we read the passage out loud together. I had chills. “20 David also said to Solomon his son, “Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the Lord is finished. 21 The divisions of the priests and Levites are ready for all the work on the temple of God, and every willing person skilled in any craft will help you in all the work.”  Since that time, we met and she confirmed that she wanted to give us the two floors. When we told her our moms’ home had been sold, she offered to give us the third and fourth floors to use as well! It doesn’t look like the layout is going to work for a family-style moms’ home, but she is still going to let us use those floors for our office/counseling center/small second-hand store for mom and baby items. 

IMG_3153 IMG_2740 IMG_3149IMG_3073

Since that time, another incredible woman told me that she is praying Ex. 36:1-7 over PSC.  “Then Moses summoned Bezalel and Oholiab and every skilled person to whom the Lord had given ability and who was willing to come and do the work. They received from Moses all the offerings the Israelites had brought to carry out the work of constructing the sanctuary. And the people continued to bring freewill offerings morning after morning.So all the skilled workers who were doing all the work on the sanctuary left what they were doing and said to Moses, “The people are bringing more than enough for doing the work the Lord commanded to be done.”  Look how similar the two passages are!  And how amazing to be encouraged by reading that God provides more than enough. And one other woman had Isaiah 43 come to mind for PSC-specifically”Do not fear.”  So, God has been encouraging us to press on, trust Him, and to not fear!  And He is preparing to raise up all the people and all the supplies/funds needed for HIS work.  We will keep you posted!

Please continue to pray with us! He is answering prayers!

-Please pray that more doctors and nurses would put our fliers out in their clinics and that they would be moved and compelled to see each baby as a beautiful treasure.

-We are going to Ray of Hope’s (another crisis pregnancy center and moms’ home on the island) annual Walk for Life in Tainan this weekend.  Please pray for them as well.

-Pray for each of the moms that will be coming to PSC for help. That they would receive love, healing, restoration, and life.

-Pray for the two baby homes where any of our moms’ babies will continue to go: Taiwan Xi En and Home of God’s Love. The babies are receiving so much love! Home of God’s Love needs more Taiwanese nannies so they can increase the number of babies they can accept.

-Lana met a friend in the U.S. who is publishing a 12-week post abortion grief study.  It looks incredible. She is planning on fundraising to have it translated into Chinese and plans to make a trip with Lana to get it here and meet with people. We will get it into as many Chinese churches as we can and will use it at our counseling center as well.

-Please pray for the construction of our counseling center. Pray that God raises up more Taiwanese workers and volunteers for this ministry.

Thank you so much.  May you be encouraged by God’s perfect timing and His loving hand each step that you take.


P.S. If you would like to be a regular prayer partner with PSC, please visit the contact page of our website,     We need people who are regularly praying on behalf of PSC!  If you would like to financially support PSC on a regular basis, you can sign up for automatic deposit on the donate page of our website.  If you would like to make a one-time donation or purchase a PSC logo necklace, you can do that there as well. For more regular updates, visit our Facebook page at

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Pregnancy Support Center Newsletter May 2014

Hello family, friends, supporters, and prayer partners!

Thank you so much for your continued faithful support and prayers. You have stood with us at the grass roots level of PSC, during this time of obedience without seeing very far ahead.  We continue to cling to God’s words in Isaiah 30:21: “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, you will hear a voice behind you saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.’”  And He has been true to His words, continuing to light each step in His perfect timing.

Some exciting things are happening! We were government approved as an official non-profit association at the beginning of this year!  Our part-time administrative assistant/accountant, Sherry, is moving up to full-time and will be taking the reins while I am in the U.S. from June-July.  Our prayers have been answered and God has provided two wonderful Taiwanese Christian women, who love the Lord and listen to His voice, to live in PSC’s home, The Refuge, full-time. One of the women, Su Yi,  before she was hired, cleaned rotten meat and bugs (gross! Forgot that meat was in there when we turned electricity off!) out of the freezer without even a second thought. She has a servant’s heart. The second lady, Xin May, felt God’s prompting to pick up a Christian newspaper that she doesn’t usually buy and right when she saw our employment ad, she felt she was supposed to apply. She prayed for 8 days before emailing her resume. Both of these women have a heart after God and His heart to be a part of His work among the broken and hurting.  God continues to use Scripture to confirm His calling for PSC. An elder in Su Yi’s church shared Ezekiel 37:1-14 with her  last September.  She didn’t know what God meant by the passage at that time.  While watching the PSC introductory video, she felt that God confirmed in her heart that He was speaking to her about the women and babies of PSC. God is breathing life into these women’s and babies’ lives through the crisis pregnancy centers and baby homes across the island! He is raising up a “vast army” in the nation of Taiwan.

We have four regular Taiwanese volunteers. Lilian is our first mother’s mom (our first mom who lost her baby shortly after birth due to a rare disorder)!  I am in awe that God has brought her back to this city to live and she now hopes and prays to be involved with PSC as much as possible. She has started sharing her story with me in churches.  We love her so much.  Tina has been an incredible blessing as she has translated documents and translated as needed for me at many meetings!  Helen is a missionary here and is a PSC prayer warrior. She will help lead the team in mapping out the city and passing out our fliers to as many Ob/Gyn clinics around Taichung as possible in the next few weeks. Helen brought her four kids with her to hear Lilian speak at a service recently. Before we went up to share, her 4 year old daughter Gracie handed me an envelope with 10 NT in it (about 30 cents) that had a picture she drew of a woman with a baby in her tummy and Jesus holding her hand. Gracie told her mom to tell me, “I want to give all my money to Jesus.”  Be still my heart.  An Ran helped do a mini crisis pregnancy training session for our new employees and she will be a substitute for the moms’ home. Lana continues to be involved with PSC and just met with a director of a crisis pregnancy center who is interested in partnering with PSC, and even coming to Taiwan to teach post-abortion grief classes!

IMG_1588   IMG_7918IMG_1343    IMG_1579

I was near tears at our first official PSC team meeting together-in awe of the Taiwanese team that He is raising up.  There are countless others who have prayed, donated, let us use office space, helped with photo copies, offered their expertise in their career field (nutritionist, graphic designer, etc.), helped us silent auction a beautiful donated Trek bike, etc. We are so thankful. Please pray with us!

  • Please pray as we pass out fliers to Ob/Gyn clinics so that pregnant girls/women in crisis will know that there is help available to them, that they don’t have to go through this alone, and that there is a loving, safe, and free alternative to abortion. Our team will pray before entering each clinic. Abortions are paid for out of pocket here, so doctors make a lot of extra money by doing abortions and may resist putting the fliers up. Taiwan has one of the highest abortion rates in the world right now. 90% of single pregnant women choose abortion here.  And 96% of babies with Down Syndrome are aborted.
  • Please pray for our new PSC team as we open the home this June.  Su Yi and Xin May will move into the home as soon as we have our first mom.
  • We continue to pray for a building for a counseling center/thrift store.
  •  Please pray for the moms that will be coming to The Refuge and for the moms struggling with their decision about their babies.
  • We do need regular monthly supporters to cover the expenses for each mom while they live in the home, so that we can keep the home free for all moms. Please contact us on our website if you are interested in donating, praying, and/or being involved with PSC.

Thank you all so much.  Have a wonderful summer.


Gloria for PSC

P.S. If you would like to be a regular prayer partner with PSC, please visit the contact page of our website,     We need people who are regularly praying on behalf of PSC!  If you would like to financially support PSC on a regular basis, you can sign up for automatic deposit on the donate page of our website.  If you would like to make a one-time donation or purchase a PSC logo necklace, you can do that there as well. For more regular updates, visit our Facebook page at Thank you!

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Merry Christmas!

Pregnancy Support Center Quarterly Update            December 2013

To our dear supporters, family, and friends,

Merry Christmas!  It was one year ago this month that we were mailing out our initial application to become a government approved non-profit organization. We are so excited to share with you that we were approved last month!  Praise God for His timing, which is always perfect. We are official!  This means that we can now open a bank account, receive a tax ID, hire needed employees, and receive regular donations.   Most importantly, we can resume taking in single pregnant women to fill our PSC home, The Refuge; which, at this point, can house up to three moms.

Our first priority is to hire two live-in “house moms” who will rotate schedules so that someone is always there. The babies that are being released for adoption by their mothers will continue to be sent to one of two Christian baby homes on the island, where they will then be placed for adoption with a Christian family. Lord willing, we will begin to advertise PSC and The Refuge in local OB/Gyn clinics, churches, and schools next month.

We were recently approved for our first grant by the Christian organization, “Holy Word Children and Youth Foundation.” They are donating the maximum amount given to any one organization per year!  We are so grateful.  We’ve been praying about how the money should be allocated and are leaning towards providing the full-time salary for one of our house moms.

Sherry continues to be our local volunteer administrator, and we could not have done any of this without her and her Mandarin! She completed all of the paperwork for PSC to become legal/official. She plans to work for us full-time once we have the position in place. Lana, my co-director, moved back to the US this past summer, where they are taking care of her husband’s (Hans) business before they finalize plans to move into working further with charities that serve the poor worldwide.  She continues to stay connected and involved through emails, prayer, updating our website, etc.  She will be speaking at a local church in Oregon that is connected to one of the largest crisis pregnancies centers on the West Coast.  This is the same center that donated an ultrasound machine to us when we were just getting started, again reminding us that God was going to take care of every need!

PSC is accountable to our board of 11 members and also to our umbrella mission organization, First Love International. Our website is in both English and Mandarin, and we would love for you to visit it at  We are prayerfully and financially supported by three churches here in Taichung and are so thankful for the encouragement that we receive from them. The pastor and members of a dynamic local Chinese church have shared our vision from the beginning. They assist, pray for, and mentor us; we are so grateful for their partnership. They recently filled a large bus to participate in a “Stand for Life” rally in the capital city of Taipei. It was incredible to be a part of this growing event sponsored by Ray of Hope, one of our “sister” crisis pregnancy centers.

God is moving, and it is our privilege to join Him. He has been so gentle, loving, and faithful as we follow Him, one step at a time.   Zechariah 4:6b says, “’Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit’, says the Lord Almighty.” PSC is His. Please pray for us as we long to hear His voice and to make His love and Name known in Taiwan.

May the riches of His love truly be enough for us this Christmas Season and New Year.

Peace and love,

Gloria Hsu for PSC

P.S. If you would like to be a regular prayer partner with PSC, please visit the contact page of our website,   We need people who are regularly praying on behalf of PSC!  If you would like to financially support PSC on a regular basis, you can sign up for automatic deposit on the donate page of our website.  If you would like to make a one-time donation or purchase a PSC logo necklace, you can do that there as well. For more regular updates, visit our facebook page at Thank you!

Prayer Requests:

For Taiwan, where only 2.4% of the population know Jesus. Pray for pastors and their wives, for Christian workers and missionaries and their families, and for Taiwanese Christians to be united, bold and strengthened in sharing the gospel.

For a miraculous turn in the abortion crisis here – Taiwan has one of the highest per capita abortion rates in the world – that more and more babies’ lives will be saved, that more moms will know the unconditional love of Jesus, and that the Holy Spirit will sweep over this nation to open peoples’ eyes to see that every single life is precious and valuable.

Leadership help for Gloria and also for the Taiwanese church to take on PSC as their own.  With four young boys at home, it will not be realistic for her to maintain running PSC alone as we continue to grow.

For two live-in house moms for The Refuge, ASAP.

Pray in advance for the women that God will be bringing to The Refuge. Also for the women who will see our advertisements, many of them as they are heading into a clinic for an abortion.

For wisdom in how to use the current funds that we have been given and for more regular financial supporters and prayer partners, both through churches and individuals.

That God would provide a building for a counseling center/thrift store.

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Miracles and Updates!

First, an update on “Eva” (our first mom).  Eva moved into our home last month at about 5 months of pregnancy. Her mom stayed with her for the first 3 nights, as we had no other moms living in the home, and her mom is very supportive and loving.  After she left, Yawen (our live-in counselor) sat down with Eva to go over our rules. One of them is that the moms have to give up their cell phones and computers to Yawen.  And there is a specified time during the evening hours that they can use them.  Eva said she would rather have had an abortion than follow that rule. We decided to let her call her mom, or let her mom call her, as much as she wanted (this would be on a case by case basis, and they happen to have a healthy relationship).  This still wasn’t good enough for her.  So she called her mom to pick her up.  I had complete peace about it though and truly felt that Eva needed to be with her mom.   She was going through so much and had also found out that her baby had no kidneys or bladder, and little to no amniotic fluid. It was so much to take in, for any mom. We told her how much we cared about her and that she could change her mind at any time and come back.  I spoke with Eva’s mom the next day to see how they were doing, and Eva’s mom said that God had really impressed on her heart in those days that God really wanted her to be the one to care for her daughter. And that since coming home, Eva’s mood was much better.  That was so awesome to hear.

Since Eva has moved back home, every ultrasound has continued to show the same results…no kidneys and no bladder.  Last week at her most current ultrasound, at 34 weeks of pregnancy, a kidney was seen!!!  The baby can survive as long as it has one kidney!  And also incredible—the baby still has no amniotic fluid but is growing NORMALLY and doing very well!  They expect that she will go into labor soon and will need a C-section. They baby will have an MRI of the kidney this week. We continue to pray for a miracle for this baby. I hold my breath every time I see Eva’s mom register on my cell phone, as this baby could die in-utero at any time.  But every time, it just keeps getting better!  Her baby will be adopted to a loving Christian family  from a Christian baby home here in Taiwan. Please keep praying!

Our second mom is moving in tomorrow, praise God! I will call her “Mary” here.  I received a phone call today from a long time family friend and pastor here in Taichung. A friend of his (will call her Addy) had called him asking him for advice, as a friend of hers had just found out she was pregnant today and was asking for help to get an abortion. I spoke with Addy on the phone we decided to meet this afternoon. I called her back to confirm the place and time and I could hear Mary hysterical in the background. I asked Addy if we should meet now instead of later and she said yes. We decided to meet right away and hung up. We were going to meet at The Refuge, our moms’ home since they lived near there.  I got a text from her about 10 minutes later saying that Mary was talking about wanting to commit suicide. I drove to the home (about 25 minutes) and then got a call that they were going to meet me at the pastor’s house since she was familiar with that address and having a hard time finding the moms’ home.  So, I turned around and met them at the pastor’s home. I was just praying, and had called others (including Lana who couldn’t be at the meeting) who I knew were praying as well.  Only God can soften and work on a person’ s heart. I knew He wanted her to know how much He loves her and this baby. The pastor was planning on just letting us use their meeting space, but when Addy and Mary got there, Addy asked him to stay, so he did.  I hugged Mary tight and asked them to have a seat so we could talk.  We spent about 45 minutes talking, and Mary cried a lot.  She was so scared and confused about what to do.  She is in her late 30’s, married to a Taiwanese man, but they have been separated for many years, and she is afraid of her husband.  She was with another man and got pregnant, and this boyfriend told her right away that he wants nothing to do with the baby, and even denied that it could possibly be his.   She kept saying over and over that she just wanted to have an abortion.  She wanted us to go and meet with her husband and have him sign the paper agreeing to her having an abortion. She didn’t want to be at the meeting.  When I asked her if she would even need to let her husband know about the pregnancy (they have essentially been divorced for over years-will keep the details of that private here), and reassured her that she could live in a safe, free, and confidential home, and that we would find a loving home for her baby (she had already said she couldn’t take care of this baby), she started crying and said that yes, she would want to move into our home. It was a miraculous moment. It came after she just kept repeating, no matter what other options were offered to her, that she wanted an abortion. She cried. I cried. It was incredible and so moving to see the hope that she could finally have.  The possibility of a life for herself and for her baby.  The peace you could tell she so desired.  Praise God. He loves each of us with a depth we can’t fathom. She understood that this pregnancy did not surprise God and He loves her so much, and has planned out everything to take care of her and her baby. She will move into our home tomorrow. So, I quickly called Yawen (who doesn’t live in the home when there are no moms) and she is coming back tomorrow morning! :)  She is awesome.

Thank you so much for your prayers.   The flea market, where all of our donations for PSC will be sold, is on April 14th.  The Pregnancy Resource Center in Portland is partnering with us to raise money at one of their own fundraisers to help support our moms.  That has been amazing to have this relationship with them. They are the same ones that gave us an ultrasound machine way back when we were just barely getting started! The House of Blues student coffee house raised about $300 U.S. dollars for us and that was so moving and powerful.  Lana, my co-director, is officially leaving Taiwan this summer and I am going to miss her like crazy!  We both have total peace about where PSC is at and where He is leading their family. We are seeking God as to what the next steps are for me and PSC.   We trust Him-His timing has been perfect in everything else..why would this be any different? ;)

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Our first mom has moved in and more answers to prayer…

February 25th, our first mom “Eva” moved in (not going to post her real name here).  She is 17 years old and 28 weeks pregnant. She didn’t find out she was pregnant until she was 5 months along. We don’t know if she would have aborted if she knew earlier, but we are so thankful for her courage for where she is at now. Her boyfriend is out of the picture and wanted her to abort the baby.  Thank God, her mom and Grandma are very supportive (I don’t know about her dad). They are also Christians. Please pray for Eva as the amniotic fluid is extremely low. She has a follow-up appt. today.  If it is not improving, she will have to be induced, which is nowhere near ideal since she is only 28 weeks.   Yawen, our live in counselor, is now in the home full-time and continues to have a complete peace about calling her to this as a volunteer.

The house was ready just in time for her to move in (except for a pipe under kitchen sink and gas stove that needed to be fixed and are being fixed today!:)).  Here are some pictures of the finished home. We are buying pretty wooden screens to put in between the beds at Eva’s request so that the room doesn’t feel so large and empty with her being the only one there. :)  Here is a reminder of some of the before pictures first! :)

027PSC apt. cleaning day

087 085 2-18-13089

A long-time church here, pastored by long time family friends, had a bake sale to raise money for the bedding for the moms’ room, and it was just what we needed to buy these beautiful sets!

PSC apt. cleaning day PSC apt. cleaning

082YaWen's bedroom with new paint color

We had an open house at the moms’ home “The Refuge” on Feb. 24th, and it was a sweet time of encouragement, prayer, and sharing Scripture.  There were many emotions and tears in the room.  One of the Scriptures that was shared is one of my favorites and is Psalm 34:4-5 “I sought the Lord, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.  Those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.”  These single pregnant women are facing so much shame in this culture and in their own families.  But God desires for them to have a loving relationship with Him, and for their faces to be “radiant!”  Those who came to the open house brought small gifts such as devotionals, journals, lotion, candles, etc. for a gift basket for Eva, and we all signed a card for her . We want her to know how loved she is and prayed for by so many! Powerful prayers were said for her that day, and I know that many more are continuing to pray! Juanita, the director of Ray of Hope in Tainan (another crisis pregnancy center and moms’ home), and social worker, Jocelyn, surprised us and made the trip up for our open house!  We were so blessed and touched!  Juanita has been a huge support and encouragement to us through this whole process!

002 014


001  017

Update on answers to prayer!

1.  We spent $300 U.S. dollars in 2 days on photo copies of our fliers and brochures!  I was commenting one day on how crazy that was! Later that day we spoke at a pastors’ meeting organized by Pastor Tu of Grace Church.  After our presentation, a woman came up excitedly and asked Sherry, our secretary, if we needed help with the cost of our copies. Sherry told her that would be great! And she gave Sherry her card and told her to contact her anytime we need to make copies and she has someone who can do it for 1 nt per copy! (we usually pay 12 nt a copy!).  I felt so humbled and amazed in that moment.  And I was reminded how God wants us to take ALL of our requests to HIM, without grumbling about it. But even though I didn’t talk to Him specifically about those copies, that very day He provided for us. Awesome.

2. A friend of ours is the senior class sponsor.  Every year at Morrison, there is a HUGE flea market. You can buy a table(s) and sell your stuff.  The seniors have a very large room (cafeteria) full of tables where they sell stuff that is donated to them and this money goes towards their senior trip and class gift, etc.  This year they have decided to let PSC use all of the tables in that room to sell ALL of our donations that we have received so far (and it’s  a lot! It has all been in anticipation of starting a thrift store, but God has not provided the building for this and counseling center yet) AND we get to keep all the profits, plus the profits of everything that is donated to them that is sold in that room.  They will make a banner for PSC and help us organize, price, and sell our stuff! This is a full day flea market and the majority of people are Taiwanese people in the community, so this is also an incredible opportunity to share with them what PSC is and what God is doing! We are soo moved to see God moving in others’ hearts to be a part of this.   God keeps thinking of things that we would never think of to even ask for ourselves! :)

3. The same day I found out about this, Clive called me from work to tell me that the president of high school student council came to him to tell him that they want to donate all their proceeds from their annual House of Blues concert to us!  Students run this and it is 50 nt (2 dollars a ticket) for a night of music/talent.  So touching to see God moving in the hearts of students and to see them get excited to give!

I will close for now, as I don’t want this to get too long! :)  God is crazy isn’t He?!

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God in the Details!

On Monday, 1/21/13, we (Lana, Sherry, YaWen, myself, a friend (Jill), and the moving company) moved everything into the moms’ home. I wanted to share some of the ways that God was in every single detail. Several months ago, a missionary family moved from Taiwan to China and couldn’t take all their furniture with them, so they donated it all to us. It was a lot of stuff in a lot of huge boxes (things like dryer, wardrobes, entertainment center, etc). We stored it in our storage with plans to go through all of it as soon as God provided us with a home for the moms. This family gave us all of this on complete faith. We didn’t have a clue where we were going to house the moms or how many moms it would hold! So, back to moving day. As everything is being brought up the 4 floors and unpacked, my mouth starts to drop open a little more each time I see the ways that God provided exactly everything we would need for the moms (much of it also from donations from friends as well! We spent a total of less than $300 dollars on everything that we have in the home!) The two things that stand out the most were that there were 3 matching wardrobes (there is ZERO closet or storage space in the apartment!) that fit perfectly in the moms’ room, which will house 3 moms. And if that wasn’t enough, a little later, another wardrobe-beautiful and different from the other 3, went into YaWen’s room (who is going to be the live-in counselor for the moms). And remember too, that there are 3 beds in the moms’ room and a bed in the other bedroom-these were already there when we first saw the apartment and the owner said we can use them!


3 perfect wardrobes for the moms!


YaWen's bedroom with new paint color

YaWen’s bedroom with new paint color

One of the last things to come up the stairs was a MASSIVE three-part entertainment center. After the first two pieces were in, we were all thinking, there is absolutely no way that last piece is going to fit against the wall. And the kicker was, if it didn’t fit, we would be in charge of getting it out of there. The movers don’t move anything back out that you don’t want/need. The wall he had to put it against wasn’t the flat kind of wall, where we could have let the entertainment center hang over a little if needed. It had to fit perfectly, or it had to go. There should have been a drum roll as the mover pushed it against the wall….and it was a literal perfect fit. If it had been an inch wider, it wouldn’t have fit. There was a moment of silence and the mover said, “That was God.” (I didn’t know he was a Christian up to that point). And we all knew it was. God knew long in advance, before the beginning of time actually :), where the moms would be living, what their exact needs would be, and how it would all be provided. I was in awe. Truly. He cared about the entertainment center. He cared about space for the moms to call their own to hang their clothes. He moved in a friend’s heart to give us all her dressers (even though she isn’t leaving Taiwan until June)—and of course, 3 beautiful matching ones. And other friends sold us a brand new marble dining room table for an amazing deal and it is beautiful and fit perfectly.

179   185   180  181

After we all snapped out of our God moment :), we started noticing all the boxes and paper that were starting to overtake the living room. I asked the movers if they could start taking it out so we could arrange furniture and they told me that isn’t part of their job, that we are responsible for getting it all out of there. Um…not sure what to do here. Don’t know where to take it or how I will get it all out of the apt. complex. A few minutes later, the head mover comes up to tell us that there is a recycling lady downstairs (a job that many elderly women do in Taiwan to make money, most of them are poor) and she wants to take all of it for us! Naturally! :) Perfect.

173    176

And two other quick things…YaWen was unsure if it was going to work out for her to actually live with the moms. She was asking if maybe she should just get an apt. close by because she had a dog. A few moments later while I was downstairs snapping a picture of the lady collecting all the boxes and paper, a man who lived in the apt. complex walked by with his little dog and I was able to confirm with him that dogs are allowed. :) So that settled that. And the last thing, which the head mover also pointed out to me, was that their moving truck BARELY made it into the alley where they needed to unload everything. It would have been a little bit of a disaster if that truck didn’t fit. But he was right; God knew the right size truck we needed to fit in that alley and to hold all our stuff.


Check out the tiny space on each side of the truck-barely fit!


So, all of us were just amazed at God’s care and goodness. And again, I felt so honored to be able to witness His hand in every detail. Again, increasing my faith and confirming yet again, that He wants this very home for the moms, and He has a perfect plan in His perfect timing. I hope you are encouraged in your faith today too. And that you are reminded that He does truly care about the seemingly little things in your life. They aren’t little to Him. Psalm 106:13 says, “But they soon forgot what He had done and did not wait for His counsel.” Psalm 107:8-9 “Let them give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love and His wonderful deeds for men, for He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.” May we remember the little things and the big things He has done, and may it encourage us to continue to seek Him and to wait for His counsel and praise Him for His answers and provisions.

Tomorrow we will buy the linens, blind/curtains, etc and I will post final pics when we are done! We are still praying and waiting for a building for the counseling center/thrift store. On Feb. 3rd, we will be speaking at a large Taiwanese church. We are thankful to be able to get the word out about the great need these moms have here in Taiwan and ways the Taiwanese people can be involved. Please pray as the time draws closer for our first, second, and third moms to take the courageous steps to carry their baby to delivery and live in our home. God knows these moms by name and will draw them to Himself.

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We have a home for the moms!

Finally, an update!  A few weeks ago Lana and I met with a pastor of a Chinese church here in Taichung to update him and also to get his signature.  To become an official national association we need 30 signatures, from 7 different cities total.  Our board members will be from this list.  We only have one signature left that is on its way today! Then we can mail in our application, and then it should be about 2-3 weeks until we are OFFICIAL. Once we are, we can open a bank account here and start taking donations from Taiwanese people, churches, organizations, etc that will be tax deductible. (we already have this option available for overseas donors on our website through First Love International).  We will be recognized by Taiwan as a non-profit here.  We also wanted to get Pastor Tu’s feedback on a possible potential for a counseling center/thrift store. We were letting him know that even if we accepted the offer of the building from Mei Li, a Taiwanese woman, we still were in need of a home for the unwed pregnant women to live.  He picked up his phone and called a friend from church who had recently offered up his apartment to be used for ministry. And Mr. Gao answered and said he would be happy to let us use it!

We went the next day to look at it. (about a 40 minute drive from where we live)  It was perfect for what we needed to start up.  It was small, but cute, and can house 3-4 moms in one room and the live-in counselor in her own bedroom.  He offered to let us use the flat screen t.v., all 4 single beds that are in there (um…totally God) , the washing machine, refrigerator, etc.  He would let us have it for just 1500 nt a month, to cover the cost of the apartment maintenance fee ($50.00 a month!)  My favorite part of the apartment is the room off of the living room, a traditional Japanese style tea room. (I think? )  It is beautiful.  He handed us the keys and told us to give thanks to God, not him.  And he thanked us for doing this ministry.  Wow!  We were blown away.  Just like that, God gave us a place.  Last week, we had Mr. Lin paint it and he gave us a great deal and did an amazing job! After that, we took Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to sort through all of our PSC donations for the home and thrift store.  (we have storage space that we are renting on Morrison’s campus). Several freshman students and 2 of our friends helped us go through it all.  We were so thankful for their help. This year we are the freshman class’s official adopted ministry and we love the opportunity to partner with them for PSC! It is very moving to see their willing and servant hearts. This past Saturday, Lana and I took a team of 6 freshman students who signed up to help, and my sons Carter and Hudson, and we spent about 3 hours cleaning it top to bottom. We busted it and finished the whole place!  Carter and Hudson loved it too and didn’t complain once-I was so proud of them.

Another incredible answer to prayer happened last month.  Lana and I have been praying for more Taiwanese volunteers and employees.  A few weeks ago, a woman I have never met, from Kaoshiung, called me and said she heard about our ministry after we spoke at a seminary here (her friend from the seminary called her to tell her about it).  She said she has prayed about it and wants to volunteer full time with PSC for the next 1-2 years, saying she would do anything from cooking to cleaning to helping with the moms or the store, etc.  I was blown away!  She will move here whenever we are ready for her/need her.  She drove up the next day and met with us. 2 friends came with her and that was good to have them as unofficial “reference” We really liked her.  She was choked up several times during our conversation as she saw God’s perfect timing being woven in our lives.  It was really cool.  The following week, her and Sherry (our secretary/accountant) and another friend who wants to be involved with PSC, Helen, went to Ray of Hopes crisis pregnancy training in Tainan-a 2 day training where you get a volunteer CPC counselor certificate at the end of it.  And that’s another cool story-how God provided Sherry for us!

Next step is to get furniture, household supplies, etc, moved in.  Then we can start taking moms! God continues to show us His faithfulness! He keeps us leaning into Him, trusting Him, and helping us to hear His voice.  Please keep praying for a building/buildings for the counseling center and thrift store. All of our donations are organized and ready to go!  If you would like to donate something specific to the home with your money, definitely let me know!  For example, a church group is doing a bake sale and donating all the money to new linens for the moms.


PSC apt. cleaning day PSC apt. cleaning day PSC apt. cleaning day 027 PSC apt. cleaning day PSC apt. cleaning


Carter and Hudson were awesome helpers!

Carter and Hudson were awesome helpers!

Bathroom cleaning!

Bathroom cleaning!

Jessica tackling the toughest job of kitchen cleaning!

Jessica tackling the toughest job of kitchen cleaning!


Joel working with an awesome attitude!

Two freshman boys, Kevin and Austin, busting it in the bathroom!

Two freshman boys, Kevin and Austin, busting it in the bathroom!

Hannah wasn't messing around  with Jon Jon

Lana on the dirty balcony :)

Lana on the dirty balcony :)

Taking off after a job well done :)

Taking off after a job well done :)

The whole group

The whole group


room for the live-in counselor.  Yep we will be changing this color (not what we thought we picked!! :))

room for the live-in counselor. Yep we will be changing this color (not what we thought we picked!! :))

Moms' room

Moms’ room

Moms' bathroom

Moms’ bathroom

sparkling!! Live-in counselor's bathroom

sparkling!! Live-in counselor’s bathroom

Moms' room again

Moms’ room again



Living room and tea room

Living room and tea room

Mr. Gao with Lana and I and Sherry.  He is the one giving us his apartment to use.

Mr. Gao with Lana and I and Sherry. He is the one giving us his apartment to use.

some pretty sweet hat donations

some pretty sweet hat donations

silly girls on sorting day! :)  The freshmen were awesome!

silly girls on sorting day! :) The freshmen were awesome!



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